Enterprise Culture / About

Vision and Mission:

Let the world know Jiu Hua, Make the world respect Made in China

Management objectives:

To provide client with first-class products and services
To provide staff with the free platform for growing and realising their value
To provide Company with brand value and profit margin

Managing Philosophy:

Esteeming client value, Sparking transpositonal consideration , Creating ever flourishing business

Development Direction:

To be the leading enterprise in Nigeria and Gradually opening up the ECOWAS market within three years
To exploit US-Canada market within five years and be worthy of the Jiu Hua international group.

Core Value:

Loyalty: company is responsible for staff and staff is loyal to company. Share failure and glory and pursue win-win development.
Pragmaticism: Seek truth from facts, steady and stable, work hard and be practical
Dedication: Good occupation moral and positive working attitude
Refreshing:The same mistakes are not allowed to repeat, alert yourself and notice others
Share: Exchanging the information, sharing the resources


Greedy: The supremacy of the self interests, egoism, corruption and bribery
Indiscipline: Procrastinators sabotage, working without a plan and details, low efficiency.
Hypocrisy: unpractical words, flatter words, comply in appearance but oppose to heart