Greeting from Chairman / About

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Jiu Hua Group Official Website.

Jiu Hua was born in a beautifully sea city Dalian, China in year of 2000.

As one of the pioneer company who sighted huge potential in African Market, we seriously started our business operation in Guinea 2000 and Nigeria 2003. After undergone tremendous difficulties and challenges, our team have carved a niche for ourselves as a reputable organization.

As a unique mission of our company: To let the world know Jiu Hua, To make the world respect Made in China, Jiu Hua has risen to the challenge of creating high value and providing new technologies and services to the industry.

Over the years, With the collective effort and strength of our manpower, Jiu Hua has tremendously contributed to the dynamic international economy, enabling local products to receive due recognition.

Jiu Hua has since become a pillar in the African industrial development agenda, enabling international trade and managing the country’s standards infrastructure.

At the grass root level, Jiu Hua is also proud to be at the forefront in delivering technology, services and innovation directly to the local community. Jiu Hua has completed more than 100,000 square meter industrial park over the five countries, whereby Jiu Hua assists the communities realize how technology can increase their incomes and standards of living.

We also continue to align ourselves in spearheading new areas of technology and innovation in assisting the local industry achieves world-class status and penetrates US and Canada markets.

Forging ahead to be a market-driven and customer-oriented organization, Jiu Hua continues to explore and position itself in three flagship areas, which are energy and power, mining besides building material manufacture to boost local economy.

Lastly, it is my hope that you will gain new insights and knowledge from browsing our website, whilst getting acquainted with our host of services that may be of interest to you.

Your interest in our services and comments are highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Board Chairman