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    Jiu Hua Group Ltd was founded on 1st of June 2000, with its head office situated in Dalian, China, which is first Chinese modern enterprise specializing in manufacturing, designing, selling and after selling services for different kinds of building materials, engaging in power plant building and energy supplies, contracting high standard internal and external decoration and civil construction, at the same time, he is also into mining resources exploitation.

    Jiu Hua has been developing and growing since it’s established in China market in the past years. Depending on its predominating products and outstanding management, orientating at customer is the king, and quality unswervingly, he has become the locomotive in the same field. With China successfully entering WTO, which boosted Jiu Hua further grows. Centered by group Chairman leadership, based on China market, targeted on foreign recourses exchange, Jiu Hua started exploring oversea markets and made rapid and steady progress.

    Considering the rapid expansion of the overseas business and uprising of African potential market, Jiu Hua realized the importance of establishing factory in Africa. Between year 2000 and 2003, Jiu Hua purchased and constructed more than 100,000 square meters industrial park in Nigeria and Conakry.

    With the understanding of African market, which made Jiu Hua realized its huge potential, accordingly, Jiu Hua determined to continue make more investment in the African market and do what he can to improve both company profits and local citizen benefits..

    “Outstanding in unstable world business environment, Ever-win in fierce international competition arena”. With pragmatic approach and inclusive mind, Jiu Hua will make each move count with YOU.


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